3rd International Workshop on Linear Systems (LinSys2007)

Behavioral point-reachability
Paula Rocha

In this talk we introduce the notion of point-reachability in a behavioral setting. Roughly speaking, this consists in the ability of making every system trajectory reach an arbitrary value at some future instant, independently of its past evolution. Thus, behavioral point-reachability can be viewed as a generalization of the well-known reachability property defined for state space systems. Moreover, this notion is also related to the one of point controllability defined in [1]. This property can be relevant, for instance, in the study of hybrid systems, where the fact that a value (or subspace) in the signal space is attained may trigger a change in the system functioning mode.

[1] J. C. Willems, "Models for dynamics", Dynamics Reported, vol. 2, pp. 171-269, 1989.