3rd International Workshop on Linear Systems (LinSys2007)

Sun 25/02 Mon 26/02 Tue 27/02 Wed 28/02 Thu 01/03
8:00am -- 9:00am Breakfast* Breakfast* Breakfast* Breakfast*
9:30am -- 10:30am Jan C. Willems (slides)
Distributed dissipative systems
Diego Napp Avelli (slides)
An algebraic approach to control theory for PDE
Michael Rotkowitz (slides)
When is a Linear Controller Optimal?
Paula Rocha (slides)
Behavioral point-reachability
10:30am -- 11:30am Matt James (slides)
An introduction to quantum control
Giorgio Picci (slides)
Modeling of images by reciprocal processes
Andrea Gombani (slides)
Minimal symmetric Darlington synthesis: complex and real case
Paolo Rapisarda (slides)
Recent results in data-driven control
11:30am -- 12:30pm Uwe Helmke (slides)
Algorithmic Least Squares Estimation:From Numerical Linear Algebra to Quantum Control
Margreta Kuijper (slides)
The predictable degree property and a parametrization for annihilators of a behavior over a finite ring
Ian Petersen (slides)
A complete Kalman decomposition for uncertain linear systems
12:30pm -- 2:00pm Lunch* Lunch* Lunch* Lunch*
2:30pm -- 3:30pm Manfred Deistler (slides)
Modeling High-Dimensional Time Series by Generalized Linear Dynamic Factor Models
Girish Nair (slides)
Information Flows and Distributed Control
3:30pm -- 4:30pm Anders Lindquist (slides)
Passivity-preserving model reduction by analytic interpolation
Minyue Fu (slides)
Finite-Level Quantized Feedback Control for Linear Systems
4:30pm -- 5:30pm Brian D O Anderson (slides)
Solution of a distributed linear system stabilisation problem
5:30pm -- 7:00pm Reception* Excursion*
7:00pm -- 9:00pm Reception* Dinner* Dinner* Dinner*
*for invited speakers only